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Lucky 7 Men's Formula - Kyolic®

Lucky 7 Men's Formula - Kyolic®

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Product Description

Lucky 7 is a powerful combination of natural, clinically-researched herbs and nutrients that work with your body to stimulate vitality and virility for optimal male performance.* This formula helps boost testosterone levels, enhance energy and performance, build stamina and strength, and stimulate libido and sexual energy.*

Take Lucky 7 every day for longer-lasting energy, peak male performance and overall well-being.*


Zinc (Zinc Protein Chelate) [5 mg],
Selenium (L-Selenomethionine) [100 mcg],
Codonopsis Lanceolata [400 mg],
L-Citrulline [400 mg],
Maca 4:1 [200 mg],
Tribulus Terrestris 12:1 [90 mg],
LongJack 4:1 [80 mg], per serving (2 capsules)


Take two capsules with a meal one or two times a day. (2 to 4 per day)

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