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Complete Balance Menopause Relief - Natrol®

Complete Balance Menopause Relief - Natrol®

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2 Part Kit
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Product Description

Natrol Complete Balance is a simple and effective solution for bringing about menopausal symptom relief*

Hot flashes and mood swings can not only ruin your day but also disrupt the good night’s sleep that the body needs to handle these changes*


The AM capsules contain:

B-Vitamins: to help tame loss of energy and mood swings, especially so into a depressive state.

Calcium: to combat decreasing bone density and decrease the likelihood of osteoporosis.

Soy Isoflavones: to reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flashes.

Black Cohosh: to reduce the hormone that contributes to hot flashes, sweats and headaches.

The PM capsules contain:

Melatonin: to improve the quality and length of sleep and by extension – mood; as well as Calcium & Soy Isoflavones.

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