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Organic Whole Grain Corn Flour - Bob's Red Mill®

Organic Whole Grain Corn Flour - Bob's Red Mill®

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Bob's Red Mill finely ground Organic Whole Grain Corn Flour is great for breading and in combination with wheat flour or white flour in baked goods. As with our stone ground cornmeal, we mill our corn flour from yellow whole sweet corn kernels, to retain all the beneficial nutrients, protein, and fiber from the germ, bran and endosperm.

Try baking your favorite cornbread recipe with part or all corn flour instead of cornmeal. The texture will be softer and denser, producing beautiful slices. You can also add it to your ingredient list for bread dough to add color and flavor.

Looking for gluten free flours? Find our gluten free corn flour here, a great food to add to any gluten free diet. Interested in making homemade corn tortillas? Check out our masa harina to create exceptional tortillas for your next taco night.

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