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Organic Coconut Flour - Bob's Red Mill®

Organic Coconut Flour - Bob's Red Mill®

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Product Description

Organic coconut flour is an ideal choice for sweet or savory recipes and is a wonderful coating for chicken, fish or other proteins. Coconut flour also blends well with other nut flours to create superior gluten free baked goods.

Due to its high dietary fiber content, recipes featuring coconut flour often call for extra eggs. This flour is a good source of medium-chain triglycerides and lauric acid, “healthy” fats found in other coconut products like coconut milk and coconut oil.

As written above, you may notice that coconut flour recipes include substantially more eggs and liquid than similar wheat flour recipes. That's because coconut flour absorbs a lot more liquid than wheat flour or other gluten free flours. If you're new to low carb baking, make sure to use coconut flour recipes specifically tailored for coconut flour or organic coconut flour, to make sure your baked goods turn out delicious.

Wondering what recipe to tackle next? Organic coconut flour is excellent for banana bread, carrot cake, muffins or cookie dough. Coconut flour pancakes are also popular among low carb brunch goers.

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