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Hot Cocoa Organic - NOW Foods®

Hot Cocoa Organic - NOW Foods®

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Product Description

Rich Milk Chocolate Taste.

Just Add to Hot Water or Milk.

You’ll look forward to those crisp, cool days when you have NOW Real Food® Organic Hot Cocoa in your cupboard. Kids and adults alike love the delicious, decadent flavor and comfy-cozy warmth you get from a piping hot cup of cocoa.

We make it even better by using premium, organic cocoa beans to create a rich, creamy, milk chocolate taste that leaves you looking forward to that next cold snap!


Organic Turbinado Sugar
Organic Non-Fat Dry Milk Powder
Organic Cocoa Powder
Organic Vanilla Flavor
Sea Salt
Organic Gum Acacia.


Add 1½ tablespoons of NOW Real Food® Organic Hot Cocoa to 6 oz. of hot water or low-fat milk and mix completely. To enjoy as a refreshing “Chocolate Milk”, mix with cold water or low-fat milk.

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