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Coal Pot Soaps

Coal Pot Soaps

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Product Description

Coal Pot Soaps provide a wholesome, nourishing lather for all skin types. By blending our natural base with 100% pure essential oils, your regular bath is transformed into a therapeutic experience leaving your skin cleansed and your mood revitalized. With Coal Pot Soaps, there is a spa in every bar.

Base Oils + Benefits

COCONUT OIL: Hydrates and protects skin. Provides antioxidants to minimize the effects of aging. Soothes irritated skin.

OLIVE OIL: Protects and hydrates even the most sensitive skin. Repairs damaged skin tissues. Provides antioxidants to minimize the effects of aging.

CASTOR OIL: Fights acne and prevents wrinkles. Reduces puffiness and irritation. Moisturizes and soothes sunburn.

Essential Oils + Benefits


Regenerate: Antioxidant properties protect the skin against free radicals and premature aging by improving elasticity and rejuvenating complexion.

Heal: Healing, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties repair the epidermis for soothed and even skin.

Purify: Powerful antiseptic and cleansing properties effectively heal acne by detoxifying the skin.


Purify: Antibacterial compounds purify pores.

Soothe: Anti-inflammatory properties soothe skin irritations and wounds.


Soothe: Anti-inflammatory elements calm irritated skin and reduces redness, pigmentation
and puffiness.

Rejuvenate: Increases epidermal blood flow for skin radiance.

Purify: Antimicrobial properties are recommended for oily and combination skin types.


Heal: Anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds repair and strengthen the epidermis.

Purify: Antibacterial properties cleanses the epidermis to give a purer and healthier complexion.

Nourish: Intensely hydrating, and also locks in moisture to help you glow.


Lift: Cellular stimulation heals and strengthens the epidermis for a younger, healthier and rejuvenated look.

Cool: Contains menthol for a soothing sensation which heals rosacea, oily skin and irritation.

Purify: Antimicrobial properties cleanses skin and unclog pores.


Regenerate: Improves blood circulation for a youthful complexion while restoring the epidermis to fight signs of aging.

Detox: Antioxidants protect the skin’s natural barrier, extract toxins and balance pH levels.

Brighten: Anti-inflammatory compounds improve tone and evenness, thus restoring the skin’s natural luminosity.

Other Ingredients + Benefits

MANGO SEED BUTTER: Treats dry skin, rashes, peeling skin and sunburn. Removes wrinkles and blemishes. Moisturizes and smoothens rough skin. Prevents stretch marks. Relieves skin allergies, insect bites, small skin wounds and skin cracks. Treats eczema and dermatitis.

COLLOIDAL OATS: Relieves itchy skin. Gently exfoliates and deeply cleanses. Hydrates skin and locks moisture. Protects skin. Improves complexion.

CHARCOAL POWDER: Improves acne issues. Minimizes pore size. Gently exfoliates.

BEESWAX: Fights Bacteria. Helps dry skin, eczema and acne. Removes stretch marks and softens skin.

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